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These are Flash Websites and will cost you just $346.00 Total including Hosting & Domain name. This is an annual payment and includes updates as required every 2 months. Price is fixed for 5 years.  We can also design a non flash site for you  for a similar price.

Player Pop out

If you click on the part of the player indicated it will enable it to pop out. You can then surf our site or the net while still listening to our broadcast,

Launched April 2015 we are actively promoting our site worldwide and we are offering a unique opportunity to Ministers and Pastors of all Christian denominations.

For the next 12 months you may submit to us a Sermon of up to 30 minutes duration for a very special price of just $5.00 per broadcast. Just tell us how often you wish to broadcast ie, daily, monthly and we will send you a Paypal invoice and money request for the payment.  You will need to submit your sermon in MP3 or WAV format. The price will remain static for the 12 months period.  We also offer this service on a monthly subscription if you are finding it hard to fund.

If you require more information regarding this service please email us

We can design and host a website for you at an extremely competitive price. These offers below are for bona fide Christian organisations (churches, youth groups etc).

We can design in Flash or HTML and provide some samples below, just click on the demo picture to see it in action

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