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David Arthur’s Life Story

My name is David Arthur, I am 43 years old and I lived 30-something of those years in complete, total & utter sin. You know how people are always saying something like, "Been there, done that"? Well, I have been there and I have done that. At a very early age I was engaging in homosexual acts, pretending to be & wishing I was a female, which was just the beginning of a very dangerous path which brought me to a crossroads where I had to decide whether I wanted to Live, or die. I chose Life, and by the Grace of GOD, I am here to tell you all about it. I pray that my testimony will speak to at least one individual out there and help them to open up and allow CHRIST to come in to their lives and hearts and to transform them from the inside.


There is a lot of pain & confusion in this world, especially when living in sins such as Same-Sex Attraction as well as other unwanted sexual attractions that seem to accompany the same-sex attraction.

The devil is hard at work building up, but I am going to do my part in tearing down any & every possible misleading, untruth in this "wicked" world in which we live.


Society has come to the conclusion that homosexuality is "normal", "acceptable" and a "way of life" (a lifestyle), I wonder if society knows just how much that pleases the devil, or, more importantly, just how much that angers, and/or saddens GOD. I will stand on the mountain top and yell my testimony if I have to. I do not do things as "orderly" and "politically-correct" as others. I am not going to sugar-coat anything because I know how important it is for you to know the Truth, no holds barred.

Be prepared to find out what molestation, homosexuality, abandonment, confusion, transgenderism,

drugs, alcohol, prostitution, AIDS, rape, jail, prison, confinement, depression, homelessness, torture, addiction, abuse and living in the world of darkness can provide to those who love the world. Oh, believe me when I tell you that I already know, I have "been there & done that".

This Truth may be difficult for some of you to share with your friends or family, but I guarantee you that by sharing the Truth, you will be doing it for their own good, and yours. It is not about "offending"

anyone, but it is all about defending them against the devils plan for them.

You know the saying, "the truth shall set you free"? Well, the Truth, is JESUS CHRIST, and yes,

HE shall set you free. The Peace, the Joy and the Love that I know today by far exceeds any and all emotion I have ever known while living in sin. The quality of my life has improved so very much and there is true and pure peace within me now. It is the same Peace, Joy and Love that I would see, and secretly envy, in Christians and their lives.

I may not know you personally, but believe me when I tell you that I do Love you and I do care about your eternal salvation.

Please continue on and read my testimony (the video is a compact version and I always suggest reading it for there are many more details) and you can contact me by clicking on the

"Contact David Arthur" tab at my website

I am available to testify at services and/or events with notice. I am also in the process of putting together a series of lessons that could be very useful to Christians in ministering to the those lost and trapped in the deep, dark sin of Same-Sex Attraction (homosexuality, bisexuality & transgenderism). I can honestly tell, in these lessons, the many ways I was approached and the many ways I was attempted to be ministered to while I was trapped in sin and how these methods failed me, and why. And I can also tell of the only method that truly worked for me and on me, and brought me to that "crossroad" of Life or death. How I was approached by the many people claiming to be of one god or another, and then of the one Christian man who came to me with compassion and told me the Truth, in Love. A correctional-officer that planted the seed and watered it every chance he had.

I am also available and always open to one-on-one chats. I answer ALL messages & emails.

Be safe & may GOD Bless you according to HIS Mighty Will.

      In HIS Love, David Arthur        

If I can be of any assistance in any way, please feel free to contact me. I know what worked for me, but most importantly, I know what did not work and what type of ministering, and attitude/spirits, kept me from moving forward and allowing CHRIST in. My testimony is what it is and my goal is to share the Truth of CHRIST'S Gospel & HIS Word to as many as will listen. I am looking forward to sharing my testimony with congregations and groups in the future. It is what I feel is necessary to solve any confusion or misunderstandings about living in these

types of sins. I look forward to hearing from you...

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