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White Dove Ministry is not a church in the sense that we do not have a building or hold Sunday services, we are a congregation of people who come together at any time of the day or night on the Internet.  At White Dove Ministry we love music, we love helping people especially emerging Christian singers, bands and choirs but above all We Love God.

We believe that God sent Jesus to teach us, that he is an all forgiving God (providing you want forgiveness and ask for it) and that God gave us ‘Free Will’ to make our own choices.

We believe that The Holy Bible has words of wisdom, can offer encouragement, and gives lessons on how to conduct life. From time to time we will broadcast the forgoing and archive them in our database so that you can listen to them when you want.

This is also a site that wants to help people who really need help, and to this end we make donations from the revenue our site makes from paid advertisements etc.  All money that this site makes will be paid out without any deduction from us.  We do not make any donations to Registered charities who’s Chief Officer is earning £150.000 plus from such Charity, because we actually think this is an obscene amount of money for Charity workers to be paid.

Charities we currently support and the reasons why can be found here.

White Dove Ministry would love to hear from anyone in any part of the world who would like to have some input to our sites or radio station.

White Dove Music

This is our site that allows Christian bands, choirs, singers, etc to have a free account to showcase themselves, sell their music via digital downloads, have a fan club, photo gallery, upload video and lots of other features that could help them.  Anyone can also have a free account just to listen or comment and encourage the artists. We are also aligned to record labels to promote worldwide via Premier Digital Download sites.

Radio WhiteDove

We broadcast worldwide over the Internet 24 hours a day all year round, we do not have Djs interrupting music because we believe you want to listen to music not idle chat. We broadcast readings from the Holy Bible, Words of Wisdom and Sermons from time to time. These can also be retrieved via our Radio Request feature. All  Genres of music is played but it has to be Christian or Inspirational.

Check it out!

White Dove Memorials

A site dedicated to passed loved ones that allows you to create a memorial free of charge, add photos, story and various other features. An upgrade is available for a small one off charge that allows extra features and music upload etc.

White Dove Social Network

Our own social network site with chat rooms, it’s totally free to join and invite your friends, add photos, music etc, to your profile.


We don’t have very many rules, however,

What we really do not like is Greed and Hate, we allow anyone to access our site both Christian and Non-Christian we do not care what your colour race, gender or sexual orientation is but we will not allow anyone to commit or  to incite others to commit a crime, or to bully someone via our forums. We believe in free speech and you can put your point of view in our forums but please keep it nice and try not to offend anyone.

We look forward to you joining us…it’s completely free and will always remain so.

White Dove Ministry

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White Dove Ministry

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